This booklet has a pure focus on life, happiness and teaching of Islam. Its major goal is to create a bridge connection between the people’s life and mode of happiness. The writer “Shaikh Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir bin Abdullah As-Sa‘di”  is renowned religious scholar with connoisseur hold on Arabic. He tries to to clarify blazing misunderstanding in the luminosity of Quran verses and Hadith of Prophet (PBUH).  This book explicates the perception of Allah’s obedience and its consequent reward to  enter into Paradise.  This concept is packed according to ablaze questions raised by modern society. Happiness is addressed by its both temporary and permanent connotations in the general public order to understand. Darusslam Publiser contribute its effort to produce this valuable asset in English translation. Its packed content follows the writer’s ideology.

–    Correct Faith & Righteous Deeds, Remembrance of Allah
–    The supplications of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him)
–    The Heart’s Inner Strength and Reliance on Allah
–    Enjoying Moments of Happiness and Remembering the Bounties During Calamities
–    Overlooking People’s Harms and engage in beneficial thoughts

This booklet not only a beneficial channel for Muslims, but also a life belief for the rest of the community. It is ensured to provide knowledge on a wrestle free platform.