Maarif Ul Quran Tafseer 9 Volumes Set Volumes 1 to 9 (complete set) Probably to be the most comprehensive commentary of the Qur’an in English from traditional sources. These volumes cover an Introduction and commentary of Surat al-Fatiha to Surat al-al-Nas. Translated by Prof Muhammad Hassan. The author, Mufti Muhammad Shafi’ born in 1314/1896, graduated in 1336 ah at the age of 22 years. He had from the very beginning a natural affinity with Fiqh and Literature. Book is very authentic and informative.
This is URDU Version of Maariful Quran by Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rah), which has already become a great reference for the layman and the scholar alike. This set contains the complete commentary of the Holy Qur’an in Urdu.
Set of 8 Volumes – with Istelahiya – Arabic Text with URDU Translation.
Maariful Quran Urdu معارف القرآن‎ is an eight-volume tafsir (exegesis) of the Quran written by Pakistani Islamic scholar Mufti Muhammad Shafi (1897–1976). Originally written in Urdu, it is the most prominent work of its author.