Who we are

islamghar.pk is an online islamic store, which is specifically crafted to cater the needs of Pakistani users. It is a state-of-the-art platform where you can enjoy your shopping with the ease of staying at home and with 100% security of payment and refunds etc.

At islamghar.pk you can order any publication of Darussalam, Dar-ul-Andlus, Maktaba Al Salam, Maktaba Al Salfia or any other authentic publishing house in Pakistan. You can order books, digital products, food items and other stuff like veils, scarfs, hijab, Ihram and kids accessories available in stock. You can see the items in catalogue or stock details available on islamghar.pk.


An Islamic eCommerce platform aiming to provide the true information about Islam. Our mission is to clear the misconceptions about Islam and Muslims in the light of Quran and Hadiths of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Since 2009, IslamGhar is sharing knowledge about Islam across the web from the platform of (islamghar.com) and now with the start of eCommerce platform, our mission is to deliver millions of Islamic publications across Pakistan.