Descriptions: Diabetic neuropathy occurs in 60-70% off people with diabetes and tends to damage the nerves in your legs and feet causing you to lose feeling in them. This means you might not feel cuts or sores on your feet and when your feet get too hot or too cold, all of which could lead to serious infections and complications. That’s why the best diabetic shoes are always seam-free, nonbinding, and offer generous space for a comfortable and pressure-free environment.
Peripheral vascular disease causes your blood flow to slow down and prolong the healing time of sores and cuts. Non-healing sores and cuts may increase your chances of developing severe ulcers or gangrene which may lead to amputation. People who s r uffefrom Diabetes know too well that their health is affected and can sometimes limit their physical activities and even day to day lives. Specifically, living with Diabetes has a direct effect on the feet and legs and special attention is required. Banking on the skills of our qualified team of professionals, we are instrumental in offering a supreme quality range of MCP Diabetic Slippers.
– Aesthetic view
– Skin-friendly
– Light-weight

Size Available: (7/40)  (8/41)  (9/42)  (10/43)  (11/44)