This is the Tafsir of the Glorious Quran which is brief in form but comprehensive in interpretation of the meanings of the Quran enlightened with the thoughts, viewpoints, creed and perception of Salaf Saliheen, and a humble effort to understand the Qur’an in the light of the authentic Ahadiths of the Prophet (S) and the sense of the Sahabah (R).
Commentary by: Hafiz Salahudin Yusuf Commentary Translated by: Mohammad Kamal Myshkat

  • Volume 1 – Surah Fatiha to Surah Al Maidah
  • Volume 2 – Surah Al Anam to Surah Hud
  • Volume 3 – Surah Yusuf to Surah An Nur
  • Volume 4 – Surah Al-Furqan to Surah Fussilat
  • Volume 5 – Surah Ash- Shura to Surah An- Nas